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General Enquiries

1. Is On & On Diners Halal Certified

Yes, we are halal certified.

2. Are table decorations provided?

All complete buffet setup includes a flower decorative piece.

Feel free to view more photos of our buffet setups here

3. Do you rent chairs & tables?

Yes we do rent chairs, cocktail tables with covers and square tables with skirting.

PVC Chair with Backing - $2+/piece 

Cocktail Table with Cover - $25+/piece

Square Table with Skirting - $20+/piece

Do note rental of equipment is strictly for 1 day only (event day), additional day of rental will incur both the rental fee and an additional delivery trip ($35).

The rental of equipment will be cleared with our buffet.

4. Do you provide service staff?

Service Staff are provided at $80+ per service staff for a 3 hours buffet

BBQ Chefs are provided at $150+ per service staff for a 3 hours BBQ Event. 

They can be selected at the Side Order & Logistic Add On Page after the menu selection page

5. Are vegetarian meals available?

Vegetarian packed meals can be separately packed from your buffet, and will follow the price point of your buffet ordered.

Simply leave it as a comment in the remarks box to indicate the number of vegetarian and include it in the total quantity.

Vegetarian meals are ad hoc meals planned by chef


Alternatively, you may change some of the dishes to vegetarian options.  

6. What if my order does not hit the minimum on your menus?

Do write in to  sales@onandon.sg and we will review it on a case to case basis. 

A surcharge may apply.

7. Are takeaway boxes provided?

No, we do not provide takeaway boxes / containers for leftover food. For quality and safe consumption, food should be consumed within the 4 hours time frame.

8. Are cutleries provided?

Yes, we provide cutleries for all orders.


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