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2023 Christmas Menu - On & On Diners
We have very limited slots for our Christmas Mini Buffet left!
We do have Self Collection Slots in our office at Food Xchange @ Admiralty. 
If you'd like to proceed & opt for self collection, do click here & drop us a WhatsApp to secure your slot today!
1. Christmas Salads
2. Christmas Appetizers (Select 4 items)
3. Christmas Rice
4. Christmas Noodles
5. Christmas Festive Galore (Select 2 items)
6. Christmas Seafood
7. Christmas Specials
8. Christmas Complimentary Gifts (Select 2 items)
($419.04 w GST)
7 Courses | 12 - 15 pax

Your Selections

  1. Christmas Salads
    Smoked Salmon Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing
  2. Christmas Appetizers
    Seafood Truffle Capellini
    Smoked Duck & Mozzarella Balls
    served with homemade pesto
    Tortilla Chips
    served with guacamole, nacho cheese & complimentary Umami Sambal Belachan
    Shrimp Cocktail
  3. Christmas Rice
    Cheesy Mentaiko Seafood Lobster Baked Rice
  4. Christmas Noodles
    Tri-Colour Miso Butter Vongole
  5. Christmas Festive Galore
    Whole Roasted Chicken (1.5-1.6kg)
    stuffing of wild mushrooms, chicken ham cubed & tamago truffle mash potatoes & sausage
    Homemade Meatballs in Tomato Cream
    served with mozzarella slice & holland basil
  6. Christmas Seafood
    Baked Norwegian Salmon in Truffle Seafood Cream
    served with asparagus & baby potatoes
  7. Christmas Specials
    Maple Glazed Honey Baked Ham
    served with torched pineapples & cranberry sauce
  8. Christmas Complimentary Gifts
    Complimentary Black Forest Log Cake
    Complimentary Apple Juice
($419.04 w GST)


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