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1. Soups (Select 2 items)
2. Poultry (raw) (Select 3 items)
3. Seafood (raw) (Select 5 items)
4. Vegetables (Raw) (Select 5 items)
5. Yong Tau Foo (Select 5 items)
6. Others (Raw) (Select 5 items)
- 12 Pax +
$25.90 / Pax
($27.71 w GST)
12 Pax
20 Courses | min 12 pax

Your Selections

  1. Soups
    Miso Soup
    Collagen Soup
  2. Poultry (raw)
    Marinated Herbal Chicken Parts
    Soy Marinated Chicken Wings
    Marinated Basil Chicken
  3. Seafood (raw)
    Marinated Sliced Fish
    Tiger Prawns
    Hokkaido Scallops
    Asari Clams & Jumbo Clams
    Green Mussels
  4. Vegetables (Raw)
    Maggie Noodles
    Sweet Corn
    Beijing Cabbage
    Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms
    Enoki Mushrooms
  5. Yong Tau Foo
    Otah Otah
    Seafood Beancurd Roll
    Snow Crabstick Leg
    Cocktail Cheese Sausages
    Homemade Fish Noodles
  6. Others (Raw)
    Steamed White Rice
    Fresh Fish Balls
    Chicken Balls
    Lobster Balls
    Homemade Tri Coloured Dumplings
($332.56 w GST)


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