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2022 Christmas Special - Eat Drink & Be Merry with On & On Diners
With every purchase of our Christmas Mini Buffet, there will be Complimentary Items such as:
5" Truffle Chocolate Logcake
Apple Juice Pouch (10 - 12 pax)
Christmas Dessert Box - Double Fudge Belgian Brownies & Vanilla Profiteroles
Roasted Chicken served with Summer Vegetables & Gravy
It’s that time of the year to spread the
love & kindness, bring everyone together for a festive
feast to prepare for the 2023 to come! We have
curated a 10 Course Customisable Christmas Menu
that feeds 10 - 12 pax at $288.00 for a cosy celebration with your loved ones. 
1. Christmas Complimentary Items (Select 4 items)
2. Christmas Salads (Select 2 items)
3. Christmas Appetizers (Select 2 items)
4. Christmas Chips & Dips
5. Christmas Baked Rice
6. Christmas Pasta
7. Christmas Poultry
8. Christmas Seafood
9. Christmas Side
($308.16 w GST)
10 Courses | 10 - 12 pax

Your Selections

  1. Christmas Complimentary Items
    5" Truffle Chocolate Logcake
    worth $49.90
    Homemade Roasted Chicken
    served with Roasted Summer Vegetables & Gravy
    Apple Juice Pouch
    for Sharing of 10 - 12 pax
    Christmas Dessert Box
    Double Fudge Belgian Brownies & Vanilla Profiteroles
  2. Christmas Salads
    Seared Smoked Duck Salad
    served with Berry Compote
    Smoked Salmon Salad
    served with Roasted Sesame Dressing
  3. Christmas Appetizers
    Truffle Seafood Capellini
    Torched Mentaiko Tamagoyaki
  4. Christmas Chips & Dips
    Tortilla Chips
    served with Guacamole & Nacho Cheese
  5. Christmas Baked Rice
    Cheesy Hawaiian Baked Rice
  6. Christmas Pasta
    Seafood Shoyu Butter Aglio Olio
  7. Christmas Poultry
    Honey Chicken Baked Ham
    served with Caramelised Pineapples
  8. Christmas Seafood
    Torched Mentaiko Scallops
  9. Christmas Side
    Christmas Platter
    Guoda Cheeseballs, Honey Wings, Crispy Drumlets served with Cocktail Sauce
($308.16 w GST)


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